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Chart analysis script that plugs directly into your Trading View, designed to help you make smarter, more accurate trading decisions within ALL markets

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Try our indicators out for Free using the coupon code 'TRYME' Once you've gone that we can give you full access to the indicators within 24 hours on Trading View.

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We have put in training on how to use our indicators and how to join our Telegram alert groups which uses the indicators. We also have a FREE to join Telegram support chat.

ALL Market Use!

That's right. Each indicator we have works on every single market. Whether that be Crypto, Forex or Stocks. Each indicator varies in your style but, you can use them on all markets.

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Includes Strategy Tester

Get The Hitman trading script directly from Trading View library. This also includes a small educational package on the market, how to use the indicator and trading plans/setting recommendations.

Please note that Trading View subscription is an additional cost.

(We are developing The Hitman for multiple platforms.)

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Telegram Alerts

Let the market come to you, using The Hitman we also offer an alert service directly into your Telegram. You can receive notifications on the go using the best possible settings we have selected on your market you trade.

The Hitman directly sends an alert from the chart instantly to your mobile phone. This is suitable for people with low experience of trading but would like to know what is happening within the markets as an investor or trader.

Free Telegram Channel
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Get alerts directly to your Telegram using The Hitman script on the most optimized settings for high profitability rate and profit factor on all markets.

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2X The Alerts For Less?

Get ALL the alerts directly to your phone from different markets. For the ultimate trader this is really for you.

No extra costs for subscriptions.

Our Monthly Results

Our past performance does not guarantee future results on any printed labels any of our indicators give.

We also change what goes in the alert channels and what settings we use defendant on the market situation at present.

Please beware that the paid version of the indicator has customized settings so you can set it up however you like which could give better performance.

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"The Hitman is a trading revolution! Wow.

Highly recommended, simply amazing. So simple to use and see the momentum.
Thank you the Hitman."


"What a great trading tool the hitman is! By using the hitman momentum indicator I've been able to carefully select my entry and exit points in/out of a trade, the accuracy is insane!

I highly recommend you check it out."

Andy Robinson

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