Our CopyTraders

Fully Automated | No Monthly Fees | In Live Markets | Capital At RISK.

Available On Zignaly

Profitable Trading Systems On Live Markets

After months of research and studying systems we are launching Copy Traders on the Zignaly platform, which is designed for you to safely deposit onto their exchange and with one button you can be hooked up to one of our systems.



Registration is required on Zignaly. This is a 3rd party service not managed by us.


Deposit USDT

You need to deposit funds into the zignally exchange.

(NOT Binance futures)


Assign Funds

Pick the trader you would like to copy with the links below. You can set if you want to reinvest.

Live Market Results

You can view how each copy trader is doing. Images below show how our copy traders is doing on a live market. You are also able to view all trades and closed trades on each link supplied by Zignaly.

Detailed PnL Of Deposits

On the Zignaly platform you are able to see in what you have in each trader, you can also enable withdraw feature or a reinvest profits to allow it to compound over a period of time.

How To Use Our Copy Traders

Please watch a full tutorial to understand how they work. This has important information on where to deposit your funds (Zignaly exchange)

Quick Tutorial

*Live Market Results Can Be Seen On Here!

Zignaly is a third party application)


No Monthly Fee

15% Profit Share

Each service has live data from the exchange, every single position open and closed is tracked. All analytical data can be viewed on each of the buttons below for each individual product.


We DO NOT Handle any of your funds. This is all hooked up via API on Zignaly.

Only invest what you can afford to lose, no matter your financial situation.

Trading is Risky. Capital is at RISK here. You could lose everything.

This is using an indicator that is optimised on a live market. This is not human done.