Frequently Asked Questions

What Markets Does The Advanced Market Momentum Finder Work?

It works on ALL markets. Cryptocurrency, Foreign Exchange and the Stock Market (including Indices)

How Do I Get Access?

Once you've enrolled you will be sent to some video content (We have a free course for you to go through on how to use it correctly).

Within the content on the product you have to fill out a form, which allows you to link up your Trading View account to the indicator.

How Can I Stop My Payment?

Once logged in, just go into your subscriptions and cancel.

You are not tied into anything monthly.

What Are The Telegram Alerts?

These are based off the Advanced Market Momentum Finder on preset settings going directly into Telegram on the 4 Hour timeframe or the Daily timeframe on all key cryptocurrencies, forex currencies and stocks.

Do I Need Trading View?

You do, you can use it on the free account which is suitable for 1 indicator, however best to pay for additional packages to get increased alerts and more indicators so you can use the strategy tester.

Why Do You Supply A Strategy Tester?

This is simply to allow you to find your own settings, suited to your own style of trading. Everyone is different what works for one of the team, may not work for you.

Do You Share Settings?

No, we don't we feel that you finding what works for you with the strategy tester is better.

Do You Have Results From Settings?

We are currently running an automated FTX account for cryptocurrency, results will be published within a few months. All results can be seen via Trading View via the backtesting in the strategy tester which will help you find your settings.

How Does The Market Momentum Finder Work?

It works via a set of secret indicators, mixed together to get a simple output, telling you market strength or weakness.

Can I Try It For Free?

You CAN all our products have a 7 day free trial. So you don't have to pay anything for 7 days. If you don't like end your subscription before that time.

How Do I Get Support?

We have a live chat feature and we have a support telegram channel for you to jump into which is linked at the bottom of the website or on the homepage.

Can I Use Multiple Settings For Each Market?

Yes, just load up more indicators, each one can be coloured differently. Remember to write down which is which though with the colours.