The Advanced Market Momentum Finder

For just $15/month, this indicator will change how you invest and trade.

Using the bull and bear emoji's within the labels showing you what way the market momentum is currently going.

The backend of the indicator with the custom settings that you can change to fit your lifestyle and style of trading.

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What a great trading tool the hitman is! By using the hitman momentum indicator I’ve been able to carefully select my entry and exit points in/out of a trade, the accuracy is insane! I highly recommend you check it out.

I love this indicator. Helps me verify what I already see in the charts. Gives me the confidence to make that trade I was considering already. Great tool for momentum changes. I like the ability to set it to my own risk level.

As a swing stock trader The Hitman indicator has been wonderful. I was kinda worried that it wouldn’t work out to well for me. For glance you would think you would have to be a day trader. It indicates great entry and exit points. Still need to know a little TA.

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