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The Advanced Market Momentum Finder is a one-of-a-kind charting indicator that combines the best momentum indicators to help investors and traders find the overall trend direction.

Our Telegram alerts come directly from a live chart feed from the indicator on the best possible settings that have been back-tested on a signal to signal level to give you a clear picture of what way an asset is going.

With no extra cost for tools like Trading View you can take the information from the Telegram channel and use it to your own advantage.

We do advise that technical analysis is required. THESE are not signals, we do not give entries or exits this is merely just giving you an indication of likely trend direction on the daily timeframe.

How Does It Work?

Once you complete going through the checkout you'll be sent through to some further details on how to join a Telegram Channel which is where all the content will be added every time a bull or a bear goes off on the settings we have pre-picked for that asset.

Our Back-Testing Results

Past Performance DOES NOT guarantee future results.


Daily - 2.55 Profit Factor 27 Trades


Daily - 1.587 Profit Factor 77 Trades

Russell 2000

Daily - 1.329 Profit Factor 49 Trades

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