This is a huge step forward for our products. We have setup some automation to publish some results to get some live data and statistics within a LIVE market.

Just to make it clear that all past results do not guarantee future performance and you are required to understand basic technical analysis in the markets alongside money and risk management. (With a human you may find better results due to selection and technical analysis ability.

Cryptocurrency Automation is currently LIVE and we are using FTX which uses the Trading View alerts function going directly into the exchange enabling orders.

We currently have 6 different cryptocurrencies live on this automation: ADA, ATOM, BTC, ETH, MATIC, TRX all using 3X leverage and using 10% of the equity with a stop-loss using the 30 WMA as an exit.

These are using the Telegram Alerts for Cryptocurrency on the 4 Hour chart.

Spreadsheet(s) Coming In August